Put Wisconsin First-create a plan


Creating a plan

To create a plan for the future is a complicated task. It is an ongoing task that done incorrectly could cause great hardships in the future of the state. Completing such a plan requires knowledge of many past and present facts as well as a keen insight into the future of the country as well as the state itself, not to mention a realist mission for our future goals.

To do this It is prudent if not necessary to create a “mission statement “. This will be a living document somewhat like the US constitution as it may require amending from time to time as state,federal and world events unfold. Funny the if you Google “Wisconsin mission statement” the results show colleges,state offices and other numerous entities mission/mission statements. Some mandated by the legislature but no real plan for Wisconsin future as a whole. While there are diverse opinions concerning how to move Wisconsin forward ,I think there are many core goals most would agree upon.

      I invite all readers to submit suggestions as to the content of said mission statement. Please do not submit some partisan BS such as Reelect Scott Walker or Elect Mary Burke, or as neither of these are helpful in determining a path for the future of Wisconsin , there will be other pages to discuss the attributes of politicians and the parties.

Mission Statement.

This area is currently under construction , (Always)

“The mission of the Wisconsin state government as dictated to it by its citizens shall be to maintain the highest quality of life for its citizens present and future by providing sound economic policy ,environmental policy and insuring the safety of its citizens”




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Put Wisconsin First took every recaller's signature and compared them to court records, sex offender lists, delinquent tax payer data and compiled it into a comprehensive search and reporting tool." This action is clearly not in the best interest of wisconsin

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