Putting Wisconsin First -(for real)



If you have arrived at this page, I encourage you to keep reading. It is probable you have strong political feelings one way or the other relating to Scott Walker and the exclusive control of Wisconsin’s Executive,Legislative and Judicial (Yes it is a partisan office) branches.


Purpose of this page

     To truly Put Wisconsin first ,its really that simple.

Everyone should examine Wisconsin past ,current state and options for the future. The focus will be on Identify challenges Wisconsin will face in the future and how past actions currently  and what is in the best interest of its citizens

       I don’t believe the extremest on either side of this argument will agree with entire contents of this blog and I will more than likely end up end up getting bashed by both side       I believe the facts , opinions(which will be kept minimal) and foresights expressed within this page should be heard.

In order to actually put Wisconsin and its residents first one would have to wade through a swamp of political PR, Misinformation and generally misleading information.



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Put Wisconsin First took every recaller's signature and compared them to court records, sex offender lists, delinquent tax payer data and compiled it into a comprehensive search and reporting tool." This action is clearly not in the best interest of wisconsin

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